Senior Sales Executive

This job is suitable for those who are sales oriented. You will give consultation to high net worth clients who are businessmen and want to get permanent residence card. You will act as a professional sales person to give consultation about the program and the project that clients will invest in to get permanent residence card. You will work with many project developers in other country and professional lawyers from overseas.
First thing first: You should read our company's profile and products carefully before sending your resume. Sending us a template of cover letter will never bring you a chance for interview. Please send us your REAL COVER LETTER, RESUME 

IMM Group is the place for those who are: 
- Humble but confident 
- Talented but modest 
- Ethical but strong 
- Self-motivated and inspiring 
- Ambitious and hungry for growth
- Patient and persistent

You should be good at:
- Fluent in English (4 skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening )
- Professional sales skills: At least 2 years in sales or related areas.
- Strong ability to convince people and build trust.
- Excellent communication and consultancy skills
- Confident but humble manner. Mature and professionalism.
- Excellent customer service skills. Experience working with VIP guests is a plus
- You must be ready to become a manager to lead a sales team in the near future.

You will get
- A young & dynamic working environment
- On the job training
- Opportunity to travel abroad 
- Opportunity to meet successful and high-class clients, partners.