Graphic Designer

IMM Group is looking for potential candidate for Graphic Designer position.
IMM Group is the place for those who are:
- Humble but confident
- Talented but modest
- Ethical but strong
- Self-motivated and inspiring
- Ambitious and hungry for growth
- Patient and persistent


As the Graphic Designer of IMM Group, you will be the main 2D art designer to work with other teams (Creative, Content, Production, Digital, & Account) for 4 types projects (BCEP): Branding; Communications (PR); Event; and Marketing Production. These include:

1. Branding:
- Brand Identity design (various types of logos for new brands & subsidiaries of IMM Group, brand guidelines, slogan artworks, key visuals, brand typography, icon system, colouring & visual essence, rebrand or reboot projects);
- Brand development (new artwork for brand direction, seasonal branding, new patterns, icons, shapes, & new trend of brand application); 
- Brand application (e.g. office templates, letterheads, POSM, office decorations, stationeries);
- Art consulting (giving new proposals, opinions, and ideas for new trends and new artworks for the IMM Group brand).

2. Communications:
- Printed materials (Layout the printing, brochure, leaflet, card, banners, advertisement, templates);
- Digital PR (website – UX & UI, landing page, newsletter, online banners, social networks ads, mobile design & adjustment);
- Corporate PR (design diversified projects for IMM Group);
- Internal PR & Communications (design internal message, slogan, inspirational provoking 

3. Event:
- Event themes (key visuals, decorations, proposals); 
- Event PR (e.g. banners, posters, digital materials, event website, event ads);
- Event organising materials (e.g. stage design, exhibition booths, POSMS, invitations, doorgifts, post-event materials)

4. Production:
- Printed materials (design the artwork and suggest the materials and visual & technical effect for productions)
- Media & Video production: support Content, Video team to create graphics, shapes, typography and aesthetic themes for their specific purposes.

Our frequently used preferences:
- Style 1 (our business): Business, strong, impressive, serious, simple concept & graphics, sophisticated in details, lively, clean & clear, highlighting the main point/message, modern
- Style 2 (special occasion): Luxury, high level, rewarding, awards essence, VIP, high-class & classic
- Style 3 (internal culture): wild, cheering, energetic, young, meaningful

For more understanding, please feel free to visit imm.group or contact us.
Note that according to each marketing campaign, project, and each customer, there might be a possibility that style requirements shall be changed and different from above.

First thing first: You should read our company's profile and products carefully before sending your resume. Sending us a template of cover letter will never bring you a chance for interview. Please send us your REAL COVER LETTER, RESUME

- At least 2-year experiences working in the same position.
- Proficient Photoshop (CC2015) & AI (CC2017);
- Experience in related projects (by portfolio);
- Being comfortable and suitable to follow our art requirements;
- Being capable of adjusting new styles when needed;
- Willingness to adapt to customer requests;
- Availability to work overtime to ensure the progress of the project;
- 3D design skill is not compulsory but it is your advantage to deal for higher salary.

HR Department

Tel: (028) 730 72 777

Email: jennifer@imm.group