Wealth Management & Family Succession Plan


IMM Immigration is the first subsidiary of IMM Group (founded in 2005), specializing in business-class migration to USA, Australia, and Europe for Vietnamese applicants With vast experience and a long track-record in dealing with complicated cases, IMM Immigration can help clients resolve difficult issues in their immigration applications.


IMM Property is a subsidiary of IMM Group, specialising in foreign and Vietnamese real estate industries for investors. IMM Property’s projects vary from office buildings to serviced apartments, hotels, entertainment complex and resorts. The company has a strong relationship with international partners, who can assist the clients in leasing and managing properties abroad. With the expertise advice and deep market understanding, IMM Property aims to create value and achieve the investment goal for the clients ensuring credibility and efficiency.


IMM Capital is the newest member of IMM Group in 2018, offering safe investment solutions, capital protection and stable returns for Vietnamese investors. At present, the product to be introduced is the Australian Premium Income Fund - a registered real estate fund. IMM Capital will also introduce other investment opportunities into registered/private funds or equity investment in various projects. These products match investors who are obtaining second citizenship, finding new investment opportunities abroad or who are sending their children oversea for studying. Also, the product perfectly serves investors who want to diversify their investment portfolios and reduce several risks related to level of safety, inflation, liquidity other financial uncertainties.


IMM FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Services focuses on optimizing international investment into Vietnam and connecting domestic business people with overseas business development opportunities, which covers but not limited projects of real estate, green energy and infrastructure. The functions include but are not limited to Brokerage, Project development, Merging & Acquisitions and Deal advisory. IMM Group, as a brokerage, can successfully manage supply chain management solutions, matching and development of business partnerships up to clients’ business goals. In terms of Project Development Services, IMM Group covers clients’ needs ranging from Licensing to Financing, Building and Operating. Merging & Acquisitions unit helps clients join the Vietnam market, facilitating mergers and buying businesses, helping them running successfully businesses in Vietnam. The Deal advisory service will help clients successfully create a new company in Vietnam. Our service extends all the way to business startup and implements operations so the business can sustain itself.