A poor tofu boy gives advice for startups

"If you want to build a startup, with only passion, it will be stuck, going around and around. That passion is temporary: Today you go for one thing, tomorrow it would turn to another. Passion must go along with motivation to become strong. Pressure and challenges can mold that passion into success". This is the sincere philosophy of Mr. Tran Van Tinh, Founder and CEO of IMM Group. He wants to share this with young people who are passionate in building their very own startups. This is also his lesson learned from the path of building his career with all hardship, the path from a poor studious kid to the CEO of IMM Group who is managing numerous companies.


A tofu boy to the founder of IMM Group

From a little boy who sold tofu and lottery tickets on the street, Tran Van Tinh is a self-made man that built IMM Group from empty hands.