IMM Group chosen as Cybarco’s exclusive representative in Vietnam

Cybarco had never chosen any companies in other countries as its exclusive representative. The fact that IMM Group has become Cybarco’s exclusive representative in Vietnam is a notable exception. The CEOs of Cybarco and IMM Group had spent 5 hours discussing before deciding to cooperate.


[Video] Event: “The Best Gateway to Europe” 11 & 12.05.19 - IMM Group & Arton Capital

This event was organised in Vietnam by IMM GROUP, the Vietnamese company with 14-year experience in cross-bordered investment and ARTON CAPITAL, the international immigration investment company authorised by 11 countries.


The first 7 Vietnamese investors and their families became global citizens through the event “The Best Gateway to Europe”

IMM Group and Arton Capital held the event successfully in both Ho Chi Minh city on May 11th and Hanoi on May 12th with 7 investors signed up to participate in EU citizenship investment program right at the event.


IMM Group and Arton Capital introduce 2 investment programs for Vietnamese people to obtain European citizenship

To meet the increasing demand for becoming global citizens, IMM Group in collaboration with Arton Capital introduce to Vietnamese investors 2 attracting programs to obtain EU citizenship permanently within only 6 months to 2 years.


[Video] Exhibition & Selling Australian Nationwide Real Estates 20.04.2019

Reaching 1,600 registrations to the event and consulting inquiries, in Ho Chi Minh City, April 20th, 2019, the event was successfully hosted by IMM Group, Spire Property and 7 remarkable Australian developers. This is a part of the collaboration strategy between IMM Group and significant worldwide partners in order to open great opportunities for Vietnamese investors.


8 leading Australian real estate companies landed into the Vietnamese market

IMM Group in partnership with 8 high leveled directors from Australia helps Vietnamese investors buy real estates connected to Australian Central Business District with significant promotions.


[Video] Exhibition & Selling Houses of the U.S. nationwide 16.03.2019

This event is successfully organized in March 16, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City with more than 1,500 registrations.


IMM Group in partnership with Lennar shaped the way for Vietnamese people into real estate in America

On March 16th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. IMM Group and Lennar held a Trade Fair for Real Estate all over the United States, attracting a great number of investors whose interest was beyond expectations. This ignited great motivation for IMM Group to keep cooperating with large international corporations worldwide, aiming to provide more and more overseas investment opportunities for Vietnamese people.


[Video] The Sharing Session: Tax, Accountant and Business Operation in the US

The business seminar named: Tax, Accountant and Business Operation in the US was organized in Ho Chi Minh City, on December 15, 2018 by CoreNexus, with sponsorship from IMM Group and JC&A.


IMM Group International Real Estate & Citizenship 2018 (IRC) Gala Dinner - where Vietnamese Investors gathers for global investment opportunities

On September 22, 2018 at Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh city, IMM Group successfully hosted the Gala Dinner: International Real Estates & Citizenship 2018 (IRC 2018). This is the first and only event in Vietnam showcasing investors various oversea investment opportunities. Attending IRC, Vietnamese investors are introduced to different immigration programs under investment scheme; to international real estates products; to fund investment options; and also to oversea travel and study programs in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe and Malaysia. Being organized in a high-class venue, with the participation of international experts from different nations and with a well-prepared agenda, IRC Gala Dinner was an informative and useful event to investors. This is also regarded as an official event which marks new movement of IMM Group in 2018, opens up brand new services as well as strategies of the company in the upcoming year.