From good deeds to the IMM Group's business philosophy

“Good deeds” simply means good, kind things. Practicing good deeds will help a part of our mind to become more kind. A good mind will also help our actions become more kind.

One of the ways to do good deeds is to leave behind your bad, selfish mind. By doing this we need to give and sacrifice ourselves. Only by practicing giving and sacrifice are we able to leave our ambition behind, which is the source of all human evil.

To own properties, money, and glory, we have to use a lot of force in any circumstance. Because of the difficulties in earning properties, it is hard to give them away. The good or evil of a man's mind depends on his thoughts and habits. If a person commits evil once, he may do it again. If we do a good deed once, we will create a kinder mind which leads to doing more good later on.

The IMM Group's charitable activities come from my family's life. We have all experienced extremely difficult stages in our lives. The long path from that time until today, I think, was like swimming upstream leading to a change in  our fates. Feeling my good fortune and being grateful for this life, as well as understanding a human being's non-permanence, I would like to share not only material objects, but also the spiritual with my community.

At present, although the IMM Group's charitable programs are still modest compared to those of other sponsors, we believe that ours come from true values which we would like to share and promote.

Tran Van Tinh

Founder of the IMM Group