50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

The program which granted 50 scholarships supporting needy students in Binh Minh district, Vinh Long province, Vietnam, to take their university entrance exams was the IMM Group's largest charitable activity in 2012 after many years of the company carrying out programs in this area.

Futures not assured due to unfulfilled dreams

The idea of granting scholarships to needy students came to Mr. Tran Van Tinh, the IMM Group's Chairman of the Board of Directors, when he saw that a lot of grade 12 general education program students in the countryside had to abandon their their opportunities of going to university due to the burden of making a living. In Binh Minh district, Mr. Tinh's birthplace, there are a lot of students who have graduated their high school programs with high scores but decide to stop their education to work in order to support their families. Moved by these heart-rending stories, Mr. Tinh said, “For needy students, finishing their high school programs is really a difficult turning-point. Taking university entrance exams and maintaining their dreams of studying in lecture halls are things which they all wish for. However, for a lot of needy students, they do not even have enough money to pay for their trips to the cities to take their university entrance exams, let alone the dream of affording the entire period of four or five years of studies far away from their homes.

Thanks to his willingness to help these needy students, Mr. Tinh established this scholarship-granting program. By his way of thinking, if these students have the chance to take and pass their university entrance exams, they will have more motivation and hope for their future. At this time, universities and their society will cooperate to help them in various ways, and they themselves will be able to get extra jobs to pay for their school fees. If they decide not to take the entrance exams and go to work early instead, it will be difficult for them to have a bright future. Mr. Tinh believes that his support at this turning-point is essential and significant for them.

The scholarship-granting ceremony

The program which helps needy students to take university entrance exams is very welcome by the local government which is joined by nearly 20 representatives including the chairman of the commune, a high school principal, a representative from the Study Encouragement Society and some teachers. On behalf of the company, Mr. Tran Van Tinh and Mr. Lim Chor Ghee, the IMM Group's co-founder and high-ranking consultant, personally granted 50 scholarships to needy students who had excellent results in their high school finals so that they were able to take their university entrance exams. With this money, their families were  able to live in spite of the expenses of their children’s exams.

50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

A representative from the local government expressing his ideas at the scholarship-granting ceremony in Binh Minh district.

50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

Mr. Tinh giving his point of view at the ceremony.

50 scholarships supporting needy students to take university entrance exams

Students being granted scholarships by Mr. Tinh’s mother.

Right after the scholarship-granting ceremony, Mr. Tinh and Mr. Chor Ghee shared their own experiences of overcoming difficulties and rising in life so that they have their success today. Mr. Tinh said to the students, “To rise from misery in order to change your lives, each of you has to be patient, and strive much harder. Trials at university are just a small part of a lot of difficulties ahead of you. So, you have to strive more to build a bright future for yourself and your families.